Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wandering as lonely as a cloud....

While I do use quite a few applications in the cloud - such as Delicious, LibraryThing, Evernote, Twitter, Picasa Web, Google Reader - I have remained tied to my desktop computer's hard drive when it comes to letters, spreadsheets and reports.  Why?  Not sure - probably haven't felt the need to access such things away from either my home computer or my work one.  Maybe it was a good excuse - "oh, (insert appropriate profanity here) I can't keep working on that assignment now, I don't have access to the file.  Never mind, I'll spend that time checking out what has come in on Google Reader - much more interesting!'  
I also usually have a pen drive with me - so anything I have been working on that I know I need to work on at another computer, has been saved to that.  Having said that, there have been a few times when I have unexpectantly needed to access documents I have been working on elsewhere - only to have to resort to writing myself a note, so I don't forget!  I then promptly forgot where I put the note.  Somewhere safe no doubt.
Time for a change - I have signed up to Zoho. I chose Zoho over Google Docs, mainly due to the excellent reviews I had read.  It was interesting to note that along with the many comments about how good it was, many were wondering how long it will be before Google buys Zoho out!
I have to say, that from what I have seen so far - it's good!  I seem to be able to do all the things I would be able to do using Word and Excel (the programs I use most often).  Zoho Writer (the only one I have used so far) is clearly laid out, and I like the tabbed format (very similar to Word 2007).  I can share documents with others.  And I really do like that I can tag documents.
And, I can post straight to my blog (hopefully - assuming this has post has worked!).  No excuses now!  Yep, I think I am a convert - I have seen the light!

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