Thursday, June 3, 2010


Twitter - mention this word and people either roll their eyes in a reaction normally only reserved for a new Justin Bieber song; or they wax lyrical about how great Twitter is and how they didn't know how they made it through each day before Twitter was hatched.  I fall into the second group (despite my daughter's very best efforts to convert me to a Bieber fan - THAT I will easily resist til the day I die).

I have two Twitter accounts - one as thebookwitch and one as, well, something else ( I like to keep my work interests and my fantasy world quite separate!).  As thebookwitch I follow all sorts of interesting people and organisations.  But I'm just a novice - check out some of the people I follow for some good suggestions.  So far today there have been tweets on what libraries will look like in 2015, today in NZ history, Wellington City Libraries' top 10 mystery books, and a test for identifying phishing scams.

Using a client such as TweetDeck or Seesmic is invaluable - it's effectively the same as getting your RSS feeds to your homepage, rather than having to go to each website.  From TweetDeck I can see both of my twitter accounts; any lists I use; I can search; I can tweet from one account, or from the other, or from both; and I can post to Facebook too if I so choose.  And I am just scratching the surface.

To date, I am guilty of being a Twitter lurker, and have done very little tweeting of my own - must rectify that, soon.  In the meantime, who do you follow on Twitter?

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